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Web Filter for your Squid Proxy

Filter and monitor web access of all your networked devices - desktops, smartphones, tablets - easily and conveniently with simple click of a mouse.

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4.0 Release January 20, 2015

Web Safety 4.0 for Squid Proxy is released and available for download with a lot of new features and improvements. Please follow the guide to upgrade from version 3.

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4.1 Release March 31, 2015

Next version of Web Safety for Squid Proxy version with selective HTTPS filtering for specific policies and automatic exclusion from SSL decryption of financial and government sites is ready. We added (experimental) support for Microsoft Windows and Raspberry PI (2) build!

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Extended Trial May 19, 2015

The next trial round goes into effect as of today. Please use this license key for your trial (expires on 1st of July, 2015). These instructions show how to install the license key from Web UI.

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