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Filter and monitor web access of all your networked devices - desktops, smartphones, tablets - easily and conveniently with simple click of a mouse.

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3.2 Released Mar. 29, 2014

qlproxy 3.2 is released! It contains fully implemented policy priorities and non-working time filtering exclusions, support for Active Directory / LDAP group names as policy members and rewritten Active Directory integration screens.

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3.2 Hotfix May 19, 2015

Current version of Diladele Web Safety ( may crash upon start when improperly configured.

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3.3 RC June 23, 2014

qlproxy 3.3 Release Candidate is available. It contains implementation of custom blocking categories (like squid guard or dansguardian) applied to all policies at once. Reporting subsystem is greatly improved. Please take a look and post issues!

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